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PCT – Starting where the competition leaves off

While there has been adoption of new technology in the transport telematics industry, it has been prohibitively expensive and complex to provide trailers, chassis, and containers with smart systems that work together—until now.

There have been multiple attempts by various manufacturers to provide trailer data systems. These attempts have been hampered by the lack of a central trailer processing system. There has been no common “black box” to integrate dissimilar devices into one common system. Devices have been added to trailers, but standardized integration has been missing. In the past, multiple devices would mean multiple data streams (and sometimes multiple data plans) to connect the trailer’s sensors to a central processing location. At the processing location, data was merged manually—producing multiple, separate reports.

Phillips Connect Technologies

Phillips eliminates all that confusion.

Phillips Connect Technologies (PCT) provides an open platform strategy. PCT is a universal integration system—starting with smart trailer, chassis and container sensors from manufacturers, and adding 3rd party sensors—a complete system is assembled with plug-and-play integration.

PCT’s systems—TrailerNet, ChassisNet, and ContainerNet—act as central hubs connecting all tracking sensors. The systems automatically transmit data to a central location for cloud-based processing.

Fleet managers are provided with detailed reports that neatly summarize the status of assets, which are spread out all over the U.S. and Canada.

Phillips provides an end-to-end solution. PCT’s full plug-and-play technology, automatic data transmission, cloud based processing, and user-friendly data display system—make smart trailer systems cost-effective and easy to use.

PCT has a patented cable routing system. This cabling system uses electricity from the truck to power individual sensors and actuators. Data from the sensors is returned to the systems via the same cable, and sent to the cloud. It does this using Phillips’ proprietary Sensor Distribution Module (SDM).

The hardware can be mounted on trailers, chassis, and containers—TrailerNet, ChassisNet, ContainerNet. Installation time ranges from 5-15 minutes making start-up simple.

The system runs on an independent power supply; and charges its batteries with electricity from the tractor and/or optional solar panels.

Phillips has formed critical partnerships with equipment manufacturers and sensor providers, and has used these relationships to provide standard, off-the-shelf systems. PCT offers different configurations of standard systems, each with a different combination of features. Or, if the customer prefers—a custom system can be tailored to meet customer specifications—all based on PCT technology.

A Focus on Business Intelligence and ROI

Many competitors monitor ROI through a basic picture of singular parts. PCT on the other hand, provides a holistic picture of ROI.

The open platform strategy is based on the premise that customers want choices and every company has its own unique needs. As a result, a major advantage PCT has to offer are its proprietary Business Intelligence (BI) tools, a professional service that includes consultations with industry insiders to map out and design detailed analytical reporting based on fleet specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Through these tools, fleets can setup customizable plans in accordance with their KPIs, and get live interactive analytical reporting whenever they want. With PCT doing the leg work for the fleets, this is where the rubber hits the road.

Using the ROI calculator tool and historical data, prospective clients can gain a clear picture of what they can expect to save using one of PCT’s systems before they even begin using the services.

Predictive Analytics & Reducing CSA Violations

An optional maintenance module uses predictive analytics to let mechanics get ahead of problems. Rather than responding to broken equipment—the mechanical department is able to schedule equipment servicing, inspect components when they first start to show signs of failure, and replace parts when they first start to fail.

Staying on top of preventive maintenance reduces the cost of repair, minimizes downtime, decreases wear on other related parts, and improves fleet reliability. Most importantly—good maintenance improves safety.

Equipment in good repair is less likely to fail during a DOT inspection. Keeping the equipment in good repair will reduce CSA violations.

Actionable Data Display System

Phillips Connect Technologies utilizes a central data site to accumulate, collate, display, and distribute information from the assets.

Other systems produce multiple reports from different systems, requiring system operators to manually combine data into a useful format. PCT combines all data at the source and displays all data on one screen. The result is clean, clear graphic displays that are easy to read. Reports can be easily created. A simplified email system sends these reports in one step, greatly simplifying sharing data.


As part of the PCT system, assets can be tracked using GPS data. They systems automatically create a “bread crumb trail” from stored GPS data. Sensor data (and event tracking) is included in this bread crumb trail.

Ease of Use

The predominant reason for Phillips’ success with PCT systems—everything is easy to use. Installation and integration is straightforward and puts multiple data systems in one application, with a simple internal email application.

The End-to-End Solution

Phillips Connect Technologies provides a unique end-to-end solution. The plug-and-play technology, automatic data transmission, cloud based processing, and user-friendly data display system—make smart transport systems cost-effective and easy to use. No other intermodal technology combines so many features into such a simplified system.

To learn how PCT’s solutions can impact your bottom line, click here for a free business intelligence consultation and access to a customized ROI calculator.

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