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The new standard for fleet reporting

During this time in the transportation tracking industry where a surplus of disconnected data is one of the greatest challenges fleet managers face, Phillips Connect Technologies (PCT) is delivering a simplified solution for telematics and reporting—integrating the most important and actionable data into one central location.

PCT’s TrailerNet, ChassisNet, and ContainerNet systems integrate sensor data from a number of manufacturers into a single hub to create an overarching picture of fleet and asset health. This view allows fleet managers to easily make important decisions to improve the efficiency and performance of their fleet—directly impacting their bottom line.

Individualized Dashboards to Map Customer Success.

PCT customers receive the advantage of being teamed up with an industry expert to use Business Intelligence tools and receive guidance in designing detailed analytical reporting based on fleet specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Through these tools, fleets can setup customizable plans in accordance with their KPIs, and get live interactive analytical reporting whenever they want. This tailored approach to tracking KPIs also leads to a more effective analysis of ROI. Whereas basic ROI reporting monitors specific sensor data such as how tire pressure influences wear-and-tear costs, PCT’s integrative approach to reporting showcases the full impact of tire pressure on other transportation outcomes such as mileage. Customers gain a much clearer map of holistic asset health and the actionable solutions needed to move into even greater efficiency.

Detailed and in-depth reporting

PCT reporting systems have two different modes—detailed reporting and in-depth reporting—allowing managers to quickly review operations and target specific equipment situations.

Detailed reporting provides an overview of all assets being tracked. The summary counts how many assets are in good condition and how many assets need attention.

There is also an easy to understand map showing asset distribution across the U.S. and Canada. Color coded icons display asset condition.

The graphic nature of detailed reporting provides direct help in the planning process. Dispatchers can see real-time information from the equipment. Clusters of equipment can be identified. Planning is simplified.

From the detailed dashboard, individual assets can be selected—which opens an in-depth dashboard. In-depth reporting views single assets. In-depth dashboards show exactly where the asset is located and which warnings and alerts are in effect. In-depth reporting can be used to produce reports about that specific asset.

Focused attention can be placed on each piece of out of service equipment; returning assets to productive operation as quickly as possible.With PCT, the process of asset management is made easier.

Asset Overview

Phillips uses precise GPS information to locate assets. GPS information is automatically combined with aerial photographs, to give the fleet’s operations/dispatch team a clear understanding of where the asset is physically located. Older systems can place assets at (or near) a certain address. PCT systems can tell you on which side of a fence an asset is located. This technology is designed to reduce the number of times that a driver is sent to retrieve a trailer that is on the wrong side of a locked gate. This is a huge advantage for dispatchers.

Movements of the asset can be tracked using a “bread crumb trail.” All movements can be tracked over the previous 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days. You can also pick a custom range of time for the bread crumb trail. The path and route of the asset is displayed; which includes any asset “snap shots” that have been logged by the PCT system. This provides a full overview of the asset’s use.

Locating available equipment becomes easier. With a color coded map of equipment in good condition, the fleet’s operations/dispatch team can quickly locate equipment, and get assets returned to revenue service faster.

With the bread crumb trail feature, analyzing a driver’s routing becomes much simpler. Older systems only tracked an asset from city to city; or within a circle of five miles. PCT shows all miles driven with GPS precision. Each ramp taken, each side trip, each driver rest period, can be clearly seen, and analyzed.

In case of a breakdown away from a home-terminal, the GPS information and system maps make locating a field repair team easy.

Asset Health

The in-depth dashboard shows exactly what the warnings and alert statuses are. The maps and color coded icons provide an easy to understand, graphic display of asset conditions. System warnings and alerts can be reviewed. The mechanical department can be notified of breakdowns and/or impending repairs.

Email Directly

Emailing information is easy with the PCT systems. Email tabs hang from most displays. Clicking on the tab and entering an email address sends that information quickly—without the need for screen captures, saving files, storing files in directories, or attaching those files to an email in a separate email system. The complicated process of writing individual, detailed emails is eliminated. Multiple phone calls are eliminated.

PCT’s systems automatically creates detailed information—and sharing that information has been made very easy.


PCT systems produce standard and customizable reports to detail asset use. Reports can be produced at anytime to create a snapshot of the current operation situation. Reports can also be produced and emailed automatically or on a regular schedule.

Special Permissions

PCT systems have security in place to prevent unauthorized access of data. Using the Maintenance Module, special permission can be issued to an employee to allow viewing of certain dashboards of selected assets. Employees that don’t need full access to all data, can now access only the specific data that they need to resolve operation issues.

Setting Customers Up for Success

PCT offers a high-level business intelligence solution to map business success along with user-friendly reporting tools to track the condition of an entire fleet and individual assets. The graphic nature of the PCT reporting tools makes it easy for customers to make the important decisions needed to increase their fleet’s efficiency and performance.

To learn how PCT’s solutions can impact your bottom line, click here for a free business intelligence consultation and access to a customized ROI calculator.

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