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ChassisNet — Real-time visibility to maximize fleet performance. Uplevel your operations with a platform designed to significantly boost the efficiency of your fleet.

A Central Hub to Track Your Assets

Streamlining operations and accessing your real-time data has never been easier.
ChassisNet offers a central hub designed to integrate all of your important sensor data and improve your bottom line.

Detailed Reporting

One central hub for all your smart-chassis sensors provides a customizable dashboards for your asset operations and dispatch teams.

Real-Time Alerts

Receiving notifications about potential equipment failure before it happens reduces maintenance costs, downtime, and exposure to costly violations.

Simple Installation

A hassle-free set-up from less than 5 minutes means you’ll get instant access to the data you need to start making important decisions to benefit your fleet right away.

See list of compatible sensor manufacturers
ChassisNet GPS StandardChassisNet Plus AdvancedChassisNet Pro Expert
Web Portal and App
Trailer Mileage
7-Way Voltage
Battery Back-up
Auto Tire Inflation System (ATIS)
Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS)
Container Sensor
Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
Brake Stroke
Solar Panel

Phillips Connect Technologies Systems have revolutionized logistics

Now smart sensor data can be integrated through a single cloud-based portal to offer a holistic view of asset health. PCT is supporting fleet managers in streamlining operations and increasing the efficiency of their fleets.

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Bring World-Class Fleet Management Solutions to Your Operations

Smart technology is changing the face of fleet management, giving managers unprecedented visibility into the performance of their assets. You can manage asset utilization as well as improve safety, maintenance, and theft with intelligent fleet solutions.

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