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ContainerNet. Your Cargo. Your Terms. Keeping valuable cargo safe and moving has never been easier.

A Central Hub to Track Your Cargo

This user-friendly GPS solution provides you with tools to keep tabs on your containers,
safeguard them, and ensure they keeps moving no matter where in the world they travel.

Real-Time Alerts

ContainerNet allows customers to track asset location, view cargo load status, and receive alerts when an asset has been moved or tampered with.

Detailed Reporting

A comprehensive, customizable view of your cargo with a focus on business intelligence and maximizing your ROI means more efficient, cost-effective assets.

Simple Installation

A hassle-free set-up in less than 15 minutes means you’ll get instant access to the data you need to start tracking your assets right away.

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ContainerNet GPS StandardContainerNet PlusAdvanced
Web Portal and App
Trailer Mileage
7-Way Voltage
Door Sensor
Cargo Sensor
Temperature Sensor
Solar Panel

Keep Your Assets Safe

The FBI estimates that cargo theft is a $15 billion to $30 billion a year problem. And thefts are largely underreported. Learn how you can keep your cargo safe and on track to its final destination.

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Bring World-Class Fleet Management Solutions to Your Operations

Smart trailer technology is changing the face of fleet management, giving managers unprecedented visibility into the performance of their assets. You can manage asset utilization as well as improve safety, maintenance and theft with intelligent trailer capabilities.

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