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TrailerNet — Fleet Management. Simplified. Streamline fleet management with a tailor-made solution designed to integrate all your data needs.

A Central Hub to Track Your Fleet

Making important decisions for your fleet has never been easier. TrailerNet seamlessly integrates all of
your fleet data into one user-friendly portal to boost efficiency and improve your bottom line.

Detailed Reporting

A comprehensive, customizable view of your fleet with a focus on business intelligence and maximizing ROI means a more efficient, cost-effective fleet.

Real-Time Alerts

Notifications about potential equipment failure reduces maintenance costs, downtime, and exposure to costly violations.

Simple Installation

A hassle-free set-up from less than 5 minutes means you’ll get instant access to the data you need to start making important decisions to benefit your fleet right away.

See list of compatible sensor manufacturers
TrailerNet GPS StandardTrailerNet Plus Advanced
Web Portal and App
Trailer Mileage
7-Way Voltage
Power Line Carrier (PLC)
Hard-Wired Door Open Close Sensor
Wireless Door Open Close Sensor
Cargo Sensor
Auto Tire Inflation System (ATIS)
Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS)
Brake Stroke
Solar Panel

Improve Driver Retention

Driver recruiting and retention has become an increasingly difficult task and a key element in transportation company survival. Learn how Phillips Connect Technologies solutions can support you in keeping your drivers trucking.

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Curb CSA Violations Before They Happen

Hardware sensors monitoring lights, brakes, and tire inflation, address roughly 80% of FMCSA violations on trailers. Learn how TarilerNet can help you stay in compliance, reducing downtime and boosting your bottom line.

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