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How smart cities will improve trucking and the supply chain

While dreams of utopian smart cities fill the media waves, this article explores what a smart city would mean for commercial transportation and the supply chain. A smart city from a truck perspective really involves the solutions it solves from a transportation perspective—such as trucking. Smart cities could support driver retention and utilization. As a drivers utilization rises, so does their paycheck – more utilization and less turnover for companies and a better standard of living for drivers would be a win-win. Smart cities could also have broad impact in the arenas of safety, meeting regulations digitally vs. at physical check-points, addressing traffic congestion issues, and benefitting the manufacturing. By leveraging pervasive connectivity, open data, end-to-end security and software monetization solutions, we can align evolving smart city needs for a greatly improved experience for all partners in the supply chain. Fewer are more important than the drivers who get our goods from point to point.

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