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Phillips Connect helps support resellers build world-class solutions for customers. Increase revenue, grow your business, and pioneer your industry by joining our reseller program.

Best-in-Class Solutions

Phillips Connect is backed by Phillips Industries, a leader with nearly 100 years in the heavy- duty trucking industry. With the goal of creating products that meet the real-world needs of our customers, Phillip Connect provides a complete system of real-time data, analytics, and insight into assets for maximized productivity, security, and facilitated business management.

Program Benefits

Maximized Revenue

Increase profits and create short and long term revenue streams through sales of world-class hardware and monthly recurring subscriptions.

Industry-Leading Products

Phillips Connect products are designed by trusted industry leaders to be expandable and can be integrated with most manufacturer sensors. Our products also have a proven track record of increased ROI that resellers can stand by.

A Support System

Resellers have a full support system, such as access to our content-filled Reseller Portal and knowledgeable marketing team. Customers can rely on a best-in-class post sales service.