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Stay connected to what’s happening with any asset, anytime. Durable, reliable, and linked to one platform—to deliver complete transparency and asset management. All sensors are available for sale. Contact our sales team to customize your assets.

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Brake Sensor

Brake Sensors

The most critical component on a trailer. Monitor brake health in real time, avoid costly downtime, and stay compliant with D.O.T regulations, increasing driver uptime.

ABS Fault Code√TM

Forget trouble shooting codes- we’ll tell you what the ABS fault is for.

  • PLC reader for ABS trailer brake ECU data.
  • Sends ABS fault codes, trailer VIN, ABS miles, and fault lamp on/off


Monitor air tank pressure wirelessly.

  • Identify leaks in the air system! 
  • Stop driving behavior that leads to flat spots!


Monitor your auto air inflation systems remotely.

  • Monitors number of activations and length of activations.
  • Easy plug and play install.
Tire Sensor

Tire Sensors

Maintain your tires to maximize life expectancy and enhance fuel efficiency.

ATIS Regulator√TM

Wirelessly monitor the air supply from the regulator to the tires.

  • Maximize fuel efficiency!
  • Ensure tires are inflated to your spec


Wirelessly monitor tire pressure and temperatures.

  • Reduce CSA Violations
  • Maximize fuel efficiency
  • Reduce required braking distance

Wheel End√TM

Wirelessly monitor wheel end temperature.

  • Identify bad bearings before a catastrophic loss
  • Take action to keep your driver, asset and product safe.
Light Sensor

Light Sensors

Maintain visibility for the road ahead. See the status of trailer lights and identify non-functional lights before they become a problem.

Light Out√TM

Monitors LED exterior trailer and chassis lighting with in-cab and remote alerts.

  • Integrated short-circuit protection and completely sealed in a waterproof harness. 
  • Reports brakes, license plate, turn, and marker lights. 
  • Reduce CSA violations.
Status Sensor

Status Sensors

Awareness is everything when on the road. A complete overview of your asset from nose to tail.


Cargo detection for sheet and post and composite nose trailers.

  • Can be installed on any trailer type.
  • IP67 end-to-end.
  • 53-foot detection.
  • Know when an asset is available for it’s next load
  • Track and know when trailers are in detention status


Monitor the interior status of your asset.

  • Images captured on demand, photos available within 5 minutes in Connect 1.
  • Use Connect1 to automatically take photos driven by motion, door events, geofence entry or exit, etc.
  • Easy proof of detention.
  • A full view of the trailer ensures no freight is against the door before opening.


Installs on the outside for loaded trailers.

  • Integrated temperature sensors.
  • Works on swing doors, roll-up doors, and aero wings.
  • 10-year life and installs in under 3 minutes.
  • Monitor door events outside of authorized geofences with ease.
  • Provide proof for customers that doors did not open enroute.


Wireless sensor provides constant temperature updates.

  • Low-cost and easy to install in the cold air return. 
  • Samples temperature every 5 minutes.
  • Meets FSMA guidelines
  • Alerts on temperatures based on a set point
Remote Update Sensor

Remote Update Sensors

With the Smart7, monitor trailer location, status, and health anytime, and from anywhere. An integrated cellular gateway, GPS tracker, and sensor hub all-in-one.

Remote Pre√TM

Physically tests onboard sensors, lights, and ABS systems remotely, even when tractor power isn’t available.

  • Powered by Smart7’s on-board battery. 
  • Sends immediate responses; system never sleeps.

*Included in the purchase of the Smart7