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Phillips Connect Unveils Revolutionary Smart Trailer Solution

Newport Beach, CA (January 14, 2021) With the launch of their new website today, Phillips Connect unveils their truly smart-trailer solution to the commercial vehicle industry. A tour of the website shares the results of a 5-year vision to simplify smart trailer technology creating unmatched cost savings and operational efficiencies for fleets.

Phillips Connects Smart7™ integrates its full-featured 4G & 5G-ready GPS with multiple trailer health sensors and controllers into their 7-way nose box.  One device is all that’s needed to connect to tractor power, monitor trailer location, status, dozens of trailer health sensors— and all are displayed in real-time with just one powerful app.

Depending on Individual fleet needs, Phillips Connect has a total solution that will deliver radical cost savings and generate revenue.  The website includes a complete list of Phillips Connect smart trailer capabilities and five example ROI categories from our extensive library of more than one hundred ROI savings and revenue opportunities built by experienced fleet maintenance managers to estimate their realistic and unbiased investment gain.

Five years ago, we assembled a small group of dedicated Phillips Industries engineers to lay the plans for creating an all-in-one device that would deliver all the trailer metrics a fleet might want to monitor on all their assets,” explains Rob Phillips, founder and CEO.  Today Phillips Connect has fulfilled our dream of creating the most powerful smart-trailer solution in transportation, and we now have dozens of customers who are loving what we are doing.   Weve upgraded just about everything this past year to make our customers massive fans, from our expanded product range and best in class cloud services to our new website.  Were serious about making trailers smart, and were as committed as a company has ever been towards achieving its mission.”

Phillips Connect products are the result of nearly a century of experience within the transportation industry.  The Phillips name is synonymous with quality truck and trailer components designed to bring solutions to vehicle operators.

Phillips Connect was never going to be satisfied being just another telematics provider,” said Jim Epler, general manager.  As trailer telematics capabilities proliferated in the industry, we heard from fleets of their aversion to managing multiple data streams from multiple suppliers with multiple subscription plans.  We were relentless, and our focus resulted in the creation of a single platform that could work with all suppliers’ sensors under one data plan that gives our fleet customers a simple way to avoid downtime surprises and to realize the most from their assets. And weve done that in a big way.”

Visit www.phillips-connect.com to learn more about the company and the products that will truly make your trailers smart.

About Phillips Connect
Phillips Connect takes telematics light-years beyond basic GPS tracking by combining the industry’s most advanced connected asset solutions for trailers, chassis, and containers with a variety of sensors, including Door√, Temp√, and Cargo√, along with health-monitoring sensors TPMS√, ATIS Regulator√, Brake√, Light-Out√, Wheel-End√™, Remote Pre√™ and more to real-time GPS tracking.  These telematics solutions give fleet managers the information they need to turn their assets faster and maximize driver productivity.

Phillips Connect has developed industry IoT sensor connection technology that is being widely deployed in the commercial transportation industry.  These open system platforms consolidate smart components onto one central hub, using one data plan to deliver actionable alerts to the driver, and customizable fleet management dashboards to the fleet’s operations or dispatch teams.  The products are designed to improve overall safety and security, reduce costs in fleet maintenance and dramatically enhance fleet asset utilization.  Phillips Connect is a stand-alone company within the Phillips Technologies Group portfolio of companies.  Visit www.phillips-connect.com for more information.

About Phillips Industries
Since 1928, Phillips Industries has been recognized as a leading innovator and manufacturer of advanced electrical and air brake system components and electronic solutions for communicating vehicle data to fleets and their drivers for the commercial truck and trailer industry. Phillipsproducts are standard on nearly 100% of Class 8 trucks, more than 50% of all trailers manufactured in North America, and are available for purchase at virtually all premium distributors. Phillips has manufacturing and distribution facilities in the US, Canada, Mexico, China, and Europe. Phillips maintains active membership in key industry associations, including American Trucking Association, SAE, Truck Trailer Manufacturers Association, Heavy Duty Manufacturing Association, and various state trucking associations. Their manufacturing facilities have earned the top-quality accreditations, including ISO/IATF 16949 and ISAO 14001, as well as multiple prestigious customer awards from Daimler, NAPA, and many others. Visit www.phillipsind.com for more information.

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