Phillips Connect Install Assist


InstallAssist™ was created to make the installation of high-tech trailer solutions simple for trailer builders and fleets. In mere minutes, learn how to easily connect InstallAssist and verify your fleet’s devices, sensors and circuits. InstallAssist is available only on Android devices.

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Phillips Connect Smart Trailers
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Realizing the Future of Smart Trailers

Do you know the locations of all your trailers and what conditions they are in, at all times? The answer for most fleets is no, meaning millions of drivers and pieces of equipment across North America are not fully optimized.

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Phillips Connect Smart Trailer
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Don’t Overlook These Trailer Maintenance Items

Trailers are often out of sight, out of mind, there are several areas that are often overlooked. We talked to fleet maintenance experts to uncover areas that may suffer from neglect.

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New Tire Management Systems Go Beyond Traditional TPMS, ATIS

Jim Buell's data shows that best-in-class fleets run far more miles between tire-related roadside breakdowns than the average fleet in his database.

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Phillips Connect Smart7 Device

The Power of the Pre√

Phillips Connect’s Smart7™ Remote Pre√, powered by an on-board battery, delivers a full scan of trailer load status and health, even when the tractor is unavailable.

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