Phillips Featured in FleetOwner

Rob Phillips Featured in FleetOwner Article, “Keeping Connected: Trailer Tracking, Planning, and Future-Proofing”

Rob Phillips, CEO and founder of Phillips Connect, is featured in a recent FleetOwner article, “Keeping Connected: Trailer Tracking, Planning, and Future-Proofing.” The article highlights the advancements in trailer telematics and the ways in which fleets can benefit from them. 

Rob discusses how the Phillips Connect Connect1 technology addresses the challenge of managing multiple data plans for mixed fleets. Connect1 serves as a single gateway to collect sensor data from trailers, enabling efficient management and analysis without the need for multiple telematics solutions or complex backend systems

The article also highlights the ROI of trailer tracking. By adopting smart-trailer solutions, fleets can improve trailer utilization, driver utilization, and overall operational efficiency. Phillips Connect emphasizes the importance of future-proof solutions that can adapt to the rapidly changing telematics industry. The article also highlights the role of connected trailers in supply chain optimization. By utilizing telematics data, fleets can identify and address factors that lead to idle trailers, optimize allocation and leasing, and generate revenue from excess capacity.

Overall, the article showcases the evolving landscape of trailer telematics and the potential benefits for fleets in terms of efficiency, profitability, and future-readiness.

Read the full article here. 


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