Staying Connected Despite Network Changes

The nation’s wireless service providers are in the process of shutting down their 3G networks, and this will have implications for the trucking industry.

The shutdown of the 3G network is outside of the control of any trucking industry supplier, but they can still prepare for upcoming changes to cellular service and make sure fleets do not feel the impact and are able to stay connected

Typically, cellular service providers will give plenty of notice when they are sunsetting a network, and the switch from one network to another does not happen overnight. What typically happens is that towers in certain areas of the country will begin to be switched off, resulting in GPS devices on trucks and trailers being able to connect to the cellular networks in some parts of the country but not in other areas. As of today, there is no certain date when the 3G network will cease to operate, but it is expected to occur in the next several years.

Phillips Connect stays on top of developments like this, takes steps to prepare, and works to protect its customers to ensure they have uninterrupted service. In fact, Phillips Connect devices are already 5G compatible and all our products are future-proofed. This means users do not have to worry about the switch to 5G or any changes to the cellular network going forward.

Some fleets will use a network change to not only update their existing tracking unit, but to also add new technologies that help keep their assets healthy and safe. To assist with this, Phillips Connect offers extended warranties that include a technology refresh. This allows existing hardware to be replaced with the latest hardware and also allows the fleet to add new sensors. Fleets that already have purchased Phillips Connect’s IntelliSense harness can connect to any sensor without having to run a new harness. This allows fleets to plan ahead and predict technology costs for the life of their trailers and also protects them from having to purchase technology that will be obsolete due to a lack of compatibility.

The refresh is a good time for a fleet to consider investing in additional sensors — especially if the trailer still has five to eight years of life — to enhance the trailer’s return on investment.

Phillips Connect is committed to providing its customers with the latest technology, a significant  return on their investment and the added security of knowing they have a partner who isn’t trying to lock them into a contract on a device that may go dark during the term of the contract.

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