Telematics Made… Understandable

Telematics. A word that you see trending on the Internet. A word that you know carries significance. A word that you “should” know… but maybe you don’t. And that’s because the term telematics isn’t so simple. 

According to Merriam Webster, telematics is the combination of information technology with telecommunications, particularly involving the integration of telecommunications networks in vehicles (as for collecting data on performance). 

To simplify things, telematics is the process of collecting data for vehicles through the use of technology. Pretty cool, right? The benefits of telematics are endless, but here are some of the most stand-out advantages of this technology… for any sized fleet.

Like saving money? Then you’ll love telematics.

CSA violations are no match for telematics. It harnesses the power of smart technology by helping fleets address issues before the situation becomes costly. Say goodbye to getting stuck in the drop yard. With telematics, there are less surprises for you and your driver. 

But violation avoidance isn’t the only road to savings. Telematics also lets you maximize your assets, which in turn, increases your return on investment. And who doesn’t love a good ROI?

Efficiency at its finest

While telematics can save you money, it can also save you time. By employing powerful sensors and tracking devices on trailers, fleet owners can see the exact location of the trailer, ensure the assets are on the correct route, and even make maintenance scheduling as easy as the push of a button. Additionally, the implementation of telematics can help to identify whether the doors are open or closed, or even if there’s cargo resting against the doors.

By increasing efficiency, your assets will arrive at their destination with less downtime, which in turn, increases productivity of your entire operation. 

Have total visibility of your assets.

Your assets are precious. So treat them as such. With telematics, you’ll never lose visibility of your fleet again. Through the use of trailer monitoring technology like GPS tracking and cargo cameras, you can check on the whereabouts of your assets in real time. Gone are the days where you simply hoped for the best outcome. Telematics helps fleet owners take back control. With telematics, you have the power.

Keep your drivers happy. And safe.

But what good is visibility if you don’t have a driver? Driver retention is a growing problem in the trucking industry. According to the Professional Driver Agency’s Top Ten Driver Issues of 2021, mechanical issues account for nearly 50 percent of the list. But implementing smart technology doesn’t just help the driver stay productive and avoid delays. Trucking accidents are often caused by maintenance or mechanical issues like a flat tire or an ABS fault. But imagine your driver or fleet manager detecting these problems before taking the truck out of the drop yard. Your drivers will never be safer than in the hands of telematics. 

To wrap things up…

Telematics is an incredible tool for fleets of all sizes for seamless fleet monitoring and management. This technology can indicate anything from a broken tail light, to low tire pressure, to even the exact location of your most valuable assets. Phillips Connect helps fleets “future-proof” their operations by equipping each trailer with smart technology that highlights a problem before it becomes an even bigger issue. By providing fleets with infinitely actionable fleet data, Phillips Connect is empowering fleets to save time, money, and lives on the road.


Don’t get stuck in the drop yard. Visit https://www.phillips-connect.com today to learn more.

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