Safeguard Your Trailer Loads with Phillips Connect SmartLock™ Gladhands

Phillips Connect features SmartLock™ Gladhands, designed to safeguard trailer loads.

Trailers and their contents are valuable assets to the fleet that is assigned to move them, as well as to the shipper and receiver. Phillips Connect SmartLock products ensure that only authorized persons can move or unload the trailer they are attached to. The glad-hands are activated or deactivated by a digitally authenticated command completely controlled via Bluetooth LE communication interface.

Increased Security

The SmartLock Gladhand prevents any unauthorized movement or towing of any asset requiring a pneumatic gladhand connection. The locking pin that prevents air to the gladhand can only be activated or deactivated with the digital command. It is powered by an integrated non-rechargeable battery pack and requires no external electrical connection. The SmartLock Gladhand can be used on either the Red (emergency) line or the Blue (service) line.

“Trailers haul valuable commodities that the fleet is responsible for once they pick it up.  And with common carriers pulling trailers that belong to others, there has always been the risk of hooking up to and hauling the wrong unit from a crowded yard,” commented Jim Epler, EVP Phillips Connect. “The SmartLock Gladhands could easily eliminate those risks.”

See a Demo at MCE

Phillips Connect’s SmartLock Gladhand and many more products will be exhibited during the American Trucking Association’s Management Conference & Exhibition (MCE) on October 15-17, 2023 at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas in the Phillips Connect Booth (#5083).


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